Cloud Computing Related Spendings to Cross $235B in 2017, Says IHS Market Research

IHSThe cloud computing domain will remain the focal point of IT business for many coming years. The recent IHS market research confirms predictions of the market analysts.

The market watcher and research company IHS Technologies have announced the results of its market research in the domain of information technology business; the research revealed two very important things – cloud computing based spending, and the IT business focus. According to the research results announced by IHS technologies, the anticipated cloud computing based spending in IT sector would cross a gigantic mark of $235 billion, which is almost three times higher than what it was in the year 2011.

Another important point that IHS research revealed is that the main focus of all IT companies would be the cloud computing and related businesses for the next many years to come. A huge spending of about $174.2 billion (anticipated) in the current year is clear indication towards the predicted growth of investment in this domain of business. The calendar year 2014 is predicted to note as high as 20% growth as compared to previous year figures related to cloud computing investments. The number of consumers of public cloud storage and related services would cross 730 million from its last year figure of 630 million. The major shareholder of this huge public domain cloud business would be Google, Microsoft, Amazon, DropBox, Barracuda, Carbonite and others.

The principal analyst for big data and cloud computing business at IHS technologies, Mr. Jagdish Rebello said, “With the cloud touching nearly every consumer and enterprise around the globe, spending for cloud-related storage, servers, applications and content will be dedicated toward building a framework that is rapidly scalable, dynamic, available on-demand and requiring minimal management,” he further added that “The robust growth will come as an increasing number of large and small enterprises move more of their applications to the cloud, while also looking at data analytics to drive new insights into consumer behavior, and Spending on cloud services, applications, security and data analytics will account for an ever- growing portion of total information-technology expenditures undertaken by enterprises, valued today at approximately $2 trillion”

This market research opens up new dimensions for the entrepreneurs to plan and streamline their business ideas to tap the market potential in their own favor, especially those investors who are planning to invest in the domain of the cloud business.