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Microsoft Enhances the Cloud Storage Volume for SharePoint Online

Microsoft Enhances the Cloud Storage Volume for SharePoint Online
Microsoft Enhances the Cloud Storage Volume for SharePoint Online

With this enhancement in cloud storage volumes, the customers would be able to upload the gigantic files into the cloud for collaboration and sharing.

Microsoft has announced that the limit of file volume to be uploaded into the cloud storage on SharePoint Online service is being increased tremendously to make it easier for the enterprise customers to share and collaborate the bigger files with their teams without bothering about the storage volumes. This announcement came after the substantial increase of cloud storage volumes by Google last week.

According to the announcement of the software giant, Microsoft launches 1TB site collections, that means, the customers would never be forced to limit the use of their cloud storage while using the cloud based business collaboration platform. This increase in cloud storage volume will also be available for associated products such as MS Office 365.

Earlier that this increase in the site collection to 1TB, the upper limit was set at 100GB, which forced the enterprises to overhaul their existing business projects for new ones; but, with this increase in storage the customers would not require any such cumbersome activity.

The company further maintained that, the user of OneDrive service of Microsoft cloud storage would also be able to partake the enhancement in the cloud storage. While talking about the enhancement, Mark Kashman, the senior product manager SharePoint said, “Leveraging a combination of OneDrive and Office 365, organizations have access to ample storage for more users without running into limits. The users get a default 25GB of OneDrive for Business storage, + 50GB of  email storage, + 5GB for each site mailbox you create, + your total available tenant storage, which for every Office 365 business customer starts at 10GB + 500MB times the number of users.”

The senior product manager further maintained that, the company is observing a substantial growth in the cloud storage demand for different cloud based services offered by the company. The increase in the demand was observed at as much as 485% in user access over the last one year only and as much as 500% growth in user content over the past few years.

In his blog post, Kashman wrote excitingly that, “This infinite storage scale can accommodate current storage needs and unlimited future potentials”.

Cloud Computing Related Spendings to Cross $235B in 2017, Says IHS Market Research

IHSThe cloud computing domain will remain the focal point of IT business for many coming years. The recent IHS market research confirms predictions of the market analysts.

The market watcher and research company IHS Technologies have announced the results of its market research in the domain of information technology business; the research revealed two very important things – cloud computing based spending, and the IT business focus. According to the research results announced by IHS technologies, the anticipated cloud computing based spending in IT sector would cross a gigantic mark of $235 billion, which is almost three times higher than what it was in the year 2011.

Another important point that IHS research revealed is that the main focus of all IT companies would be the cloud computing and related businesses for the next many years to come. A huge spending of about $174.2 billion (anticipated) in the current year is clear indication towards the predicted growth of investment in this domain of business. The calendar year 2014 is predicted to note as high as 20% growth as compared to previous year figures related to cloud computing investments. The number of consumers of public cloud storage and related services would cross 730 million from its last year figure of 630 million. The major shareholder of this huge public domain cloud business would be Google, Microsoft, Amazon, DropBox, Barracuda, Carbonite and others.

The principal analyst for big data and cloud computing business at IHS technologies, Mr. Jagdish Rebello said, “With the cloud touching nearly every consumer and enterprise around the globe, spending for cloud-related storage, servers, applications and content will be dedicated toward building a framework that is rapidly scalable, dynamic, available on-demand and requiring minimal management,” he further added that “The robust growth will come as an increasing number of large and small enterprises move more of their applications to the cloud, while also looking at data analytics to drive new insights into consumer behavior, and Spending on cloud services, applications, security and data analytics will account for an ever- growing portion of total information-technology expenditures undertaken by enterprises, valued today at approximately $2 trillion”

This market research opens up new dimensions for the entrepreneurs to plan and streamline their business ideas to tap the market potential in their own favor, especially those investors who are planning to invest in the domain of the cloud business.

Cloud Computing Giant VMware Names Ingram Micro as Its Public Sector Distributor

Cloud Computing Giant VMware Names Ingram Micro as Its Public Sector Distributor
Cloud Computing Giant VMware Names Ingram Micro as Its Public Sector Distributor

This team up of two giants – cloud computing giant and wholesale technology distributor giant – would help both of the companies to increase their market influence in the public sector across the country.

A new strategic partnership has been established between the cloud computing infrastructure and virtualization giant VMware and one of the largest wholesale technology distributor, Ingram Micro for leveraging the public sector cloud market across the country. This was announced by the both of the companies in an official statement on Valentine Day, Feb 14, 2014. According to the statement of the companies, VMware would pass sole distribution rights of all its cloud computing product portfolios to Ingram Micro for public sector across the country. The Ingram Micro would be the sole distributor of VMware products to sell them to its channel partners across all federal government departments in the USA.

It was further informed that the Ingram Micro would establish a dedicated sales department to deal with the requirements, regulations and organization protocols of the government sector departments in the country. This new department in Ingram Micro would be headed by the Executive Director Michael Humke, who is an expert in sales, government regulation and company protocols. This team would consist of the specialists who specialize in the USA intelligence, defense and civilian community market. The other major specialists of the Ingram dedicated team would include – VMware certified pre sales and post-sales technical support consultants, marketing experts, volume licensing specialists, channel development specialists and other.

In his statement, the vice president, Americas Partner Organization at VMware cloud computing company, Mr. Frank Rauch said, “We are pleased to have Ingram Micro as a public sector distributor – The sales and service opportunities around the software-defined data center continue to grow within the public sector as these organizations strive to do more with less. We will continue our work with Ingram Micro to meet the demands for VMware solution sets and enable channel partners to market, sell and support VMware solutions across all U.S. market sectors.”

While stating his pleasure to have VMware public distribution, the VP and GM, Advnaced Computing Division at Ingram Micro U.S, Scott Zahl said, “Working with VMware to partner in the federal marketplace will enable Ingram Micro to leverage our strength in the public sector space as a whole, and support all aspects of our channel partners’ VMware business – we are committed to provide exceptional services to our partners.”

Cloud Computing Infrastructure and Collocation Provider Vaultas Launches New Datacenter in Milwaukee

Vaultas Datacenter Provider
Vaultas Datacenter Provider

Tier III state of the art data center of cloud computing infrastructure provider Vaultas will be able to meet the growing demand of servers, collocations and disaster recovery solutions in the region.

The collocation and cloud infrastructure provider Vaultas Company announced this weekend that it is going to put the tier III state of the art data center into operation in the city of Milwaukee. There is growing demand of collocation space for cloud computing services, cloud storage, data backup, disaster recovery services and application hosting in the region. This new state of the art data center of the company will be able to meet the demands of cloud computing service providers and the small to large enterprises operating in the region.

While talking about the features of the data center, the company maintained that, it is a state of the art data center that meets the requirement of Tier-III standards. The area of this innovative facility for cloud computing services is more than 10000 square feet, which is sufficient to cater the demands of small businesses to the fortune 500 of the area. A multiple fiber connection network is available from different backhaul telecom operators in the country. The data center owns a 48 hours of standby power generators and a reliable N+1 redundancy of all air conditioning and other services, which makes it one of the most reliable data centers in the disastrous situations.

In his statement, the president of Vaultas cloud computing infrastructure provider, Mr. John Unger said, “Now more than ever, it is critical for companies to find affordable solutions to housing and protecting the data that drives their business – We are excited to bring our IT vendor supported, flexible, scalable data center and cloud computing solutions to southeastern Wisconsin.” He further added that, “Milwaukee is my hometown and where I started my first technology business more than 30 years ago – I believe our new data center facility will make Milwaukee even more attractive and marketable to the new technology driven business economy, helping the city of Milwaukee succeed and grow into the future.”

It was further explained in the company statement on how this data center is going to provide a value to the customer of the region that, the services offered through this data center would be cost efficient, fast and reliable to meet the needs of all sizes of businesses.

Modular Datacenter Expert IO Gets into Cloud Computing Business

IO gets into the cloud computing business by launching OpenStack cloud infrastructure on open source servers. The service has been branded as ‘IO Cloud Service’.

Modular Datacenter Expert IO Gets into Cloud Computing Business
Modular Datacenter Expert IO Gets into Cloud Computing Business

This was announced by the modular data center expert company IO this week that, it is going to enter into the cloud computing business aggressively. The company statement further elaborated about the branding of the service that, the brand name of IO.Cloud service would be “IO.Cloud”. This service would use the open source cloud servers called as ‘Open Compute Server’, which will run the OpenStack cloud computing platform.

According to the company statement, the company uses Open Compute just because it offers flexibility and optimized usage of cloud resources. The company engineers would be in a better position to configure and utilize the computing resources in large scale deployments in a cloud computing environment.

“IO.Cloud uses OpenStack Cloud components that are interoperable and designed to support standardized hardware implementations”, further added in the company statement.

The company further elaborated its ambitions in this domain of the business by explaining that it will offer industry-grade cloud computing services to the customers, and the targeted market would be big industries and business. The IO.Cloud services would be available in both the hosted and on-premises forms for different sized businesses.

As an enterprise cloud offering, IO is pitching its service very competitive to those offered by the big cloud service provider in the marketplace such as – AWS, Azure, Rackspace, and many others.

The Open Compute will allow the company to use its public cloud infrastructure more efficiently and effectively, and providing the equal opportunity for the private cloud infrastructure to use it efficiently too. The design of the cloud based services of the company is almost similar to that of AWS cloud services; the company will offer cloud services from its seven state of the art data centers located across the world.

The company is planning to bag a huge amount of investment from different resources to complete this venture successfully. It is also being reported that the company is going to float initial public offering IPO to get public investment for the same.

The experts in the industry anticipate some kind of collations with other partners to launch this ambitious project successfully. The time will tell, how IO is going to face the fierce competition and challenges of the industry.