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Dell Launches a Disruptive Dongle Device to Access Cloud Computing Services on the Go

Dell Launches a Disruptive Dongle Device to Access Cloud Computing Services on the Go
Dell Launches a Disruptive Dongle Device to Access Cloud Computing Services on the Go

The disruptive offering of Dell Corporation ‘Cloud Connect Dongle’ will enable the mobile workforce to access cloud computing services on the go. It will turn a simple monitor into a machine connected to the cloud.

The ‘Cloud Connect Dongle’ is a latest offering in the domain of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ BYOD technology to seamlessly access the cloud computing services from anywhere and at anytime basis. This amazing device was launched by Dell Corporation this weekend on Jan 31, 2014. According to the statement of the company, this device will provide an enterprise level computing much easier and effective way.

Cloud Connect Dongle will prove to be forerunner in the domain of cloud computing and the BYOD concept of cloud service access. This dongle is very small in size and sleek in design that resembles to a fashionable USB – but, it operates on Android operating system and is able to be accessed from any other operating system device such as – windows, Mac and other devices.

While talking about the technical aspects of the futuristic cloud computing device, company elaborated that the inbuilt storage of this device is 8GB and 1GB of memory. The device is very fast in processing and can convert a simple monitor into a cloud connected computer to access multiple cloud services from anywhere in the internet world. This device can be connected to any display device that has an HDMI port.

Dell Corporation termed this device as a “New Category of Smart Connected Devices” – and adds that “instantly delivers desktop virtualization and personal cloud services to any HDMI- or MHL-enabled display.”

In his statement, Steve Lalla, the VP and GM for Dell Cloud Client-Computing said, “This is a disruptive device that can unlock new dimensions and ways for our customers to access data, applications, and cloud services with industry grade security and reliability,” “The price of the device is amazingly affordable for every kind of customer” he added. This device brings quality, security, accessibility, mobility and reliability all in one, as explained by the GM of cloud client computing at Dell.

Talking about this device  Joseph Korah, senior director and head of Kochi Operations, Cognizant said, “Cloud Connect is among the most cutting-edge mobile thin client solutions that we have tested at our labs – With its ability to work seamlessly with Citrix, Microsoft and VMware environments, the solution holds great potential for the futuristic enterprise that is looking for ways to improve productivity at work and on the go for its enterprise workforce.”