Microsoft Enhances the Cloud Storage Volume for SharePoint Online

Microsoft Enhances the Cloud Storage Volume for SharePoint Online
Microsoft Enhances the Cloud Storage Volume for SharePoint Online

With this enhancement in cloud storage volumes, the customers would be able to upload the gigantic files into the cloud for collaboration and sharing.

Microsoft has announced that the limit of file volume to be uploaded into the cloud storage on SharePoint Online service is being increased tremendously to make it easier for the enterprise customers to share and collaborate the bigger files with their teams without bothering about the storage volumes. This announcement came after the substantial increase of cloud storage volumes by Google last week.

According to the announcement of the software giant, Microsoft launches 1TB site collections, that means, the customers would never be forced to limit the use of their cloud storage while using the cloud based business collaboration platform. This increase in cloud storage volume will also be available for associated products such as MS Office 365.

Earlier that this increase in the site collection to 1TB, the upper limit was set at 100GB, which forced the enterprises to overhaul their existing business projects for new ones; but, with this increase in storage the customers would not require any such cumbersome activity.

The company further maintained that, the user of OneDrive service of Microsoft cloud storage would also be able to partake the enhancement in the cloud storage. While talking about the enhancement, Mark Kashman, the senior product manager SharePoint said, “Leveraging a combination of OneDrive and Office 365, organizations have access to ample storage for more users without running into limits. The users get a default 25GB of OneDrive for Business storage, + 50GB of  email storage, + 5GB for each site mailbox you create, + your total available tenant storage, which for every Office 365 business customer starts at 10GB + 500MB times the number of users.”

The senior product manager further maintained that, the company is observing a substantial growth in the cloud storage demand for different cloud based services offered by the company. The increase in the demand was observed at as much as 485% in user access over the last one year only and as much as 500% growth in user content over the past few years.

In his blog post, Kashman wrote excitingly that, “This infinite storage scale can accommodate current storage needs and unlimited future potentials”.